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BloodShot is both a Quake fan game and an engine created by RZZIO and JksonBlkson, a side project built in the Roblox engine. It features a poly-industrial theme, many weapons to choose from, and easter eggs and jokes scattered in. The current map in use (nameless at the moment) was hand-built using Roblox's map building suite, mostly by JksonBlkson.

It was previously known as Qore in its pre-alpha stages.

Lore Gist/Sneak Peek

Its 1964 in an alternate universe. Nazi Germany never existed. After the Allied powers won WW1, Germany plunged into a deep depression, causing the country to wither out.

Industrialism ruled the planet, and Russia controlled it through resources. The United States Government had gone into a crumbling corrupted state. A new plague had been released upon the world with unknown origin, Poverty and disease swept across the nation. Many citizens left, many more died.

The police force was virtually nonexistent due to lack of funding. The new war was in Arabia, where the soldiers of thirty nations banded together to bite the hand that fed them. Russia had expanded so greatly, the newest territories changed the national language to Luxembourgish.

Germany was weak. Russia invaded Germany non-stop, using a new war tactic, “Stuermkrich”. The Chancellor of Germany at the time, Wolfgang Jaeger, made a proposition to Russia on the verge of germanys total annihilation.

The Treaty of Schweißen was written and sent to the leader of Russia, claiming that Germany shall not be invaded so long as it is joined with Russia to create a new country, a new world, a new power, The Koalition.

With Germany’s firepower, and Russia’s manpower, they were unstoppable. The new country, fed up with the ongoing war in Arabia, swept the desert sands of any allied forces, with exception to the strong rebel force, the Crusaders. Many died. The Koalition remained untouched.

BloodShot and its lore remains a HEAVY work in progress, expect frequent changes.


  • Low-Poly weapons and maps for smooth performance
  • High Performance particles and lighting
  • Occasional Fan-Requested features

JksonBlkson also hosts a Discord server, where most if not all polls regarding BloodShot and RooM 2 development take place, and can be joined at:

External links - RZZIO's server