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Default value: ""
Saved to config.cfg: yes

Versions: NormalQuake

This variable contains the command to send to the modem to initialize the modem. Consult your modem manual for the appropriate initialization string. This variable is only used if _config_com_modem is 1. Modem communications are not supported in WinQuake or GLQuake and this variable remains unused in those ports, however Linux and DOS ports are still capable of modem communication.

The following init strings have been ripped from techinfo.txt, and are provided here for your conveinance.

  • Boca M1440i (internal)
    • ATS48=0S37=9S46=136%C0%E0%M0&K0&Q0&R1&C1&D2\G0\N1N0
  • Boca 14.4k (internal)
    • AT&C0N0S37=9&K0W0&Q0S36=3S48=128%C0
  • Boca 14.4 Fax/Modem
    • AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K4
  • Boca 14.4k (external)
    • AT &F S0=1 S36=0 &K0 &Q6N0S37=9 &D2
  • Boca 14.4k
    • AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K0 %C0
  • Cardinal 14.4k v.32bis, v.42bis Fax/Modem
    • AT &F N0 S37=9 &Q0 &D2 \N1
  • Digicom Systems (DSI) (softmodem)
    • AT Z \N0 &D2 &K0 S48=48
  • Digicom Systems Scout Plus
    • ATZ*E0*N3*M0*S0*F0&D2
  • Gateway Telepath
    • AT &F S37=9 %C0 &K0 &Q6 \G0
  • Gateway Telepath 14.4k
    • AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K0 %C0
  • Gateway Telepath I
    • AT S0=1 &N6 &K0 &M0
  • Gateway Telepath II
    • AT S0=1 S37=9 %C0 &Q0 &K0
  • Generic v.32bis 14.4k Fax/Modem
    • AT \N0 %C0 B8
  • Generic 14.4k Fax/Modem
    • AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 %C0 \G0 &K0
  • GVC 14.4k (internal)
    • AT &F B8 \Q0
  • Hayes 28.8k V.FAST Modem
    • AT &Q6 &K S37=9 N %C0 \N0
  • Infotel 144I
    • AT&Q0 S37=9 N0 &D2
  • Infotel 14.4
    • &F0 \N1 &D2 S37=F8
  • Intel 14.4k
    • AT \N0 %C0 \Q0 B8
  • Intel 14.4k (internal)
    • AT Z B8 Q1 \C0 \N1 %C0 \V "H
  • Linelink 144e
    • AT &F &D1 &K0 &Q6 S36=3 S46=136 %C0
    • 19200
  • Microcom AX
    • &F \N1 \Q0 &D2
  • Microcom QX/4232bis
    • AT %C0 \N0
  • Netcomm M7F
    • AT &E &K0 B0 \V0 X4 &D2 \N1 \Q0 #J0 #Q9 %C0
  • Nokia ECM 4896M Trellis V.32
    • AT Z %C0 /N0
  • Nuvotel IFX 14.4 (internal)
    • &F \N1 &D2
  • Practical Peripherals 14400FX v.32bis
    • AT Z S46=0 &Q0 &D2
  • Practical Peripherals 14400FX v.32bis
    • AT S46=0 &Q0 &K0 &D2
  • Supra
    • AT &F0 S46=136 %C0
  • Supra (external)
    • AT &K &Q &D \N1
  • Supra 14.4k v.32bis
    • AT &F S46=136 &Q0 &D2
  • Supra 14.4k v.32bis
    • AT &K &Q &D \N1
  • Supra Fax Modem 14.4K v.32 bis
    • AT &F %C0 S48=7 Q0 V1 W1
  • Telepath 14.4k
    • AT &F&M0&K0&N6&H0 S0=1
  • Twincomm DFi 14.4
    • AT&F &Q0 %C0 S37=9 &D2
  • UDS V.3223
    • &F \N1 \Q &D2
  • UDS Fastalk 32BX
    • &F0 \N1 &D2
  • USR Courier v.32bis
    • ATS0=1 S7=60 E1 Q0 V1 &C1 &D2 &H0 &K0 &M0 &N6 &A3
  • USR Courier HST/DS 16.8k
    • First reset the modem in a communication program with AT&F&W
    • AT X4 B0 &A0 &B0 &H2 &I0 &K0 &M0 &N6a
  • USR DS v.32bis v.42bis (external)
    • AT&m0&n6&a0&r1&h0&k0&i0&s0&b1x1
  • USR Sporster 9600
    • AT&M0&K0&N6
  • USR Sportster V.34 28.8 (note: works best at 19200 baud)
    • AT &F &M0 &I0 &K0 &B0 &N0
  • USR Sportster 14.4k Fax/Modem USING ERROR CORRECTION
    • AT S0=1 S7=60 E1 QO V1 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3
  • USR Sportster 14.4k Fax/Modem (internal)
    • AT &F&M0&K0&N6&H0
  • USR Sportster 14.4k (internal)
    • AT &F &B1 &H0 &I0 &K0 &M0 &N6 &R1
  • USR Sportster 14.4k
    • ATS0=1S7=60E1Q0V1&C1&D2&K0&N6&A3
  • USR Sportster 14.4k
    • AT &F0 &K0 &M0 &N6 &H0 &I0 &B1 &R1
  • USR Sportster 14,000 Fax Modem
    • AT S0=2 &N6 &K0 &M0 &I0 &H0 &R1 &A0 V1 X4
  • USR 14.4k
    • AT &F&A0&K0&M0
  • USR 14.4k
    • AT &K0 &H0 &D0 &I0 &R1
  • USR 14.4k Dual Standard
    • ATB0&R1&B1&N6Q0X4&A0&D2&H0&I0&K0&M0M1
  • USR (model?)
    • &F E1 V1 X4 &C1 &D2 &N0
  • ViVa 14.4k
    • AT&F&Q6\N0%C0&D2N0S37=9
  • ViVa modem (internal)
    • &F&Q6\N0%C0&D2N0S37=9
  • Zoltrix model 14/14 VE
    • AT S0=Q0 V1 &C1 &D2 W2 &Q0
  • Zoom 14.4k VFX
    • AT&Q6S37=9N0%C\N0
  • Zoom 14.4k VFX
    • AT&Q6S37=11N0%C&K0
  • Zoom OEM Modem
    • AT&Q6S37=9N0&K0
  • Zyxel U-1496E
    • AT Z &N4 &K0

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