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|newest-release=[http://triptohell.info/moodles/ here]
|website=[http://www.fteqw.com/ here]
|website=[http://www.fteqw.com/ here]

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Author: Spike et al
Based on: QuakeWorld
First release:  ?
Newest release: here
Website: here

As implied by its name FTE started out as a QuakeWorld-only engine, however over time it has gained full compatibility with NQ clients, NQ servers, and more importantly NQ mods.

Player features:

  1. prediction
  2. delta compression
  3. no nat issues
  4. compatible with a wide range of servers.
  5. commandline-less configuration.
  6. no mouse accel (even in linux)
  7. wide range of presents, allowing it to look awesome, or to get awesome framerates.

Modding features:

  1. csqc
  2. built in qcc
  3. step-by-step qc debugger.
  4. extended map limits (bsp2, q3bsp support)
  5. extended protocol limits (ent counts, ent limits, precache limits, etc)
  6. numerous qc extensions - see http://triptohell.info/moodles/fteqcc/fteextensions.qc
  7. skeletal model support


  1. win64 (64bit native)
  2. win32
  3. linux
  4. android
  5. npapi/activex
  6. nacl