FTEQW Miscellaneous Features

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This is a more or less random list of additional features of the FTEQW engine. If enough details are added, please turn the sections into their own pages.


Various featured related to rendering of the game-world.

Mega screenshots

This feature uses render-to-texture rather than rendering stuff to whatever puny window you have. This allows the high-resolution screenshots, for example 16384*16384. Each of these commands take a filename argument followed by width then height. The width and height are still limited by your GPU, but have absolutely no dependancy on your monitor or window size etc.

  screenshot_mega: Takes a ‘simple’ large screenshot.
  screenshot_stereo: Takes two screenshots side-by-side with a small(r_stereo_separation) offset (also assumed by screenshot_mega with the .pns extension).
  screenshot_vr: Takes many many many screenshots giving a horizontal 360 perspective that can be viewed with a few different display software.

The resulting filename will be displayed in the console (as a more easily findable system path).