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PAK Editors[edit]

  • AdQuedit
  • makepak.py is a python script to create a pak file from a directory of files.
  • PakExplorer - Very handy, explorer-like interface.
  • PakScape - An excellent, multigame pak/zip utility with an explorer-like interface.
  • par is a "archiving tool for Quake pak files (Pak ARchiver)" for Linux.
  • QuakeForge - QuakeForge's tools include a multiplatform, commandline pak utility.
  • QuArK - Mainly a map editor, you can also use it to edit models and PAK files.
  • QPakMan "is an all-singing all-dancing Quake1 pak/mip tool" for Windows and Linux.
  • QPed - Supports long names, explorer-like interface.
  • WinPak
  • XmPak - Old Motif-based GUI to display and export the contents of Quake and Quake 2 PAK files.
  • XPak - Freeware modification/extraction/creation tool.

Graphic & Resource Editors[edit]

  • Fimg - FrikaC's graphical resource editor for Quake formats.
  • AdQuedit
  • TexMex
  • Wally - Quake 2 texture tool which also supports Quake wads.
  • MipDip - Antiquated, not recommended.
  • qArt - Based on MipDip, similarly antiquated.

Model Editors[edit]

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