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[[Category:ToDo items]]
<includeonly>[[Category:ToDo items]]</includeonly>
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
|{{{user|Unspecified user}}} added a To-Do; '''{{{todo|unspecified work}}}.'''
|{{{user|Unspecified user}}} added a To-Do; '''{{{todo|unspecified work}}}.'''

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Unspecified user added a To-Do; unspecified work.

The following contents will not be displayed as part of the template.

Adding this to an article will include the article in the Category:ToDo items for referencing.

To use the template, type {{ToDo}} into an edit box. You can optionally pass these additional parameters in the following format: {{ToDo|user=[[User:Username]]|todo=The thing you want to remember to do}}.

  • user : Indicate who added the template or expects to address the item
  • todo : Indicate what needs to be done