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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
|{{{user|Unspecified user}}} added a To-Do; {{{todo|unspecified work}}}.
|{{{user|Unspecified user}}} added a To-Do; '''{{{todo|unspecified work}}}.'''

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Unspecified user added a To-Do; unspecified work.

The following contents will not be displayed as part of the template.

This template should be used in an article's Talk page rather than the article itself to keep the articles looking cleaner, particularly if you don't know when you'll be getting back to the article to actually do the item. It could use some better formatting if someone wants to work on it. Adding this to a talk page will include the talk page in the Category:ToDo items for referencing.

To use the template, type {{ToDo}} into an edit box. You can optionally pass these additional parameters in the following format: {{ToDo|user=[[User:Username]]|todo=The thing you want to remember to do}}.

  • user : Indicate who added the template or expects to address the item
  • todo : Indicate what needs to be done