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I'm really this guy.

I've been playing Quake since '96. For a while c. 2001-2003, I was playing as 'Sissy' on the NRA clan's TWCUP CTF server. Back when that venue was full, the level of fun, strategy, and teamplay far exceeded any DM or TF experience I ever witnessed. Most of the maps, large and small, were brilliant, and I loved playing on every one of them. But as the number of players dwindled, some of the maps weren't as fun anymore, the teams were often mismatched, and people just kind of lost interest.

My main interest on this wiki is getting people started playing Quake & QuakeWorld on modern operating systems. Quake/QuakeWorld has really faded from the public eye. The average gamer these days has no interest in even seeing it because it's so old and overshadowed by eye candy like the Halo series.

I think there would be more interest if it wasn't so hard to find a concise set of instructions that help people get just what they need to play. Pretty much everything you need is out there and free of charge now, but I'm sure people who look into playing often just give up once they find the tangled mess of 10-plus-year-old tutorials with references to outdated hardware and operating systems.