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I hate that MediaWiki capitalizes my name! lol... I see not much has been done with this since its creation so I have spent a few minutes a day adding little bits here and there...

Who am I?

..I've been a Quake fan since learning of its existence back in 1996 shortly after its release. I can directly blame (or credit :-P) Doom & Quake with getting me into computers more than I already was at that time coming from my childhood of Arcades, Atari, Texas Instruments, and Commodore computers. I can still remember upgrading my friends DX2 486 with enough ram to get Quake running properly...

..Over the years I've touch upon most aspects of Quake modding with never really accomplishing anything major, happy enough just to dabble, learn, and help others.

..I joined a friend Ali Salehi aka Little3D that I had made via a few Quake forums around the net to just beta test & help out with a few map idea's. The Quake mod was called Xwar which turned out to be heavily based on Tomaz's TomazQuake engine and TomazQuake mod with a few changes in regards to the engine code and some content creation via Max3d and Photoshop.