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The pak0.pak file that comes with Quake is required by all Quake engines. It contains the maps, models, programs, sounds, and skins required to play Quake Episode 1, Dimension of the Doomed. It is expected to be in the ID1 subfolder of the Quake root folder.

PAK files are typically named pak0.pak, pak1.pak, pak2.pak, and so on. Quake mission packs and other Quake-based games often have their own pak0.pak files, which live in a different folder, not the ID1 folder.

The ID1 pak0.pak is distributed with both the shareware and the registered/commercial editions of Quake.

In some editions, including the downloadable shareware ( from id Software, pak0.pak is embedded in another archive, resource.1. The files in this archive are LZH-encoded using the lh5 algorithm. If you can't or don't want to run the DOS/Win32 Quake installer program it comes with, then you'll need a compatible extractor program to get pak0.pak out of the resource.1 archive.


Version Timestamp Size md5
Registered Version 1.01 (as well as Shareware Version 1.01 on that disc) 1996-07-12 18276119 85fc9cee2035b66290da1e33be2ac86b
Shareware Version 1.01 (Shareware disc) 1996-07-12 18276119 85fc9cee2035b66290da1e33be2ac86b
  • Registered Version 1.06
  • Shareware Version 1.06
  • Steam Release
1996-10-01 14:25:58 18689235 5906e5998fc3d896ddaf5e6a62e03abb


The id1 pak0.pak with the md5sum 85fc9cee2035b66290da1e33be2ac86b contains the following folders & files:


The id1 pak0.pak with the md5sum 5906e5998fc3d896ddaf5e6a62e03abb contains the following folders & files:

The only difference to 85fc9cee2035b66290da1e33be2ac86b is an updated progs.dat.

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