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"The last resort. Face it -- going toe-to-toe with the uglies in Quake demonstrates all the good sense of a man parachuting into an alligator farm."

Ammunition type none
Ammunition usage: none
Shot type: Hitscan
Damage per shot: 20
Damage per second (max): 40
Range: 64 units
Cycle Time: 0.5s
First appearance: Default weapon
Obituaries: (Target) was ax-murdered by (attacker).

You start Quake with the Axe and the Shotgun. You will rarely use the Axe, probably never, but it's there. There is the occasion where you might want to use it on a lone Grunt, to conserve ammo. Or, when you have the Quad Damage, it makes an effective Zombie-chopper. But other than that, ignore it.

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