Config com port

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Default value: "0x3f8"
Saved to config.cfg: yes

Versions: NormalQuake

This variable specifies which hardware port to use when talking to the com port being used for serial communication. The default setting (hex 3f8) represents COM1. The addresses for other COM ports are:

  • 0x2f8: COM2
  • 0x3E8: COM3
  • 0x2E8: COM4
  • 0x2F0: COM5 (note that COM5 and above are not supported by all systems)
  • 0x3E0: COM6
  • 0x2E0: COM7
  • 0x260: COM8

Serial communications are not available in WinQuake or GLQuake and this variable remains unused in those ports, however Linux and DOS ports are still capable of serial communication.

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