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Field definitions:

.entity tag_entity; // Entity this is attached to (call setattachment to set this)
.float tag_index;   // Which tag on that entity (0 is relative to the entity, > 0
                    // is an index into the tags on the model if it has any)
                    //(call setattachment to set this)

Builtin definitions:

// Attachs e to a tag on tagentity (note: use "" to attach to entity origin/angles
// instead of a tag)
void(entity e, entity tagentity, string tagname) setattachment = #443;

Allows entities to be visually attached to model tags (which follow animations perfectly) on other entities, for example attaching a weapon to a player's hand, or upper body attached to lower body, allowing it to change angles and frame separately.


  • origin and angles are relative to the tag, use '0 0 0' for both if you want it to follow exactly, this is similar to viewmodelforclient's behavior).
  • If the tag is not found, it defaults to "" (attach to origin/angles of entity)
  • Attaching to world turns off attachment
  • The entity that this is attached to must be visible for this to work
  • If an entity is attached to the player entity it will not be drawn in first person.