Gl texsort

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Default value: "depends"
Saved to config.cfg: no

Versions: GLQuake

This console variable determines the rendering path that the engine will use to render the world and brush models. When gl_texsort is non-zero, the engine will sort by texture, so as to minimize the overhead of changing the active texture. When it is disabled, the engine will render all the surfaces in front to back order, with no texture sorting, and with multitexturing, if available.

The only problem with turning this on is that it also disables multitexture, forcing the engine to render the lighting in a separate pass.

One thing to note, however is that some video cards have problems with SGIS multitexturing (which GLQuake uses). So turning on gl_texsort might fix the problem.

The default value is 0 if the user's video card supports multitexture (namely the OpenGL extension GL_SGIS_multitexture), and if the -nomtex command-line argument was not set. If the card does not support multitexture, this cvar defaults to 1.

NOTE: Some engines have done away with gl_texsort.

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