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NetRadiant-custom is an open-source, cross-platform level editor for id Tech based games. Forked from NetRadiant, it supports Quake, Quake 3 and Quake Live; with development focused on smoothing and tweaking the editing process.

You can find the source-code and releases here: Github

Random Feature Highlights[edit]

  • WASD camera binds and customizable keyboard functions
  • Fully supported editing in 3D view (brush and entity creation, all manipulating tools)
  • Uniform merge algorithm, merging selected brushes, components and clipper points
  • Free and robust vertex editing, with ability to remove and insert vertices
  • Support for common map brush formats: Axial projection, Brush primitives and Valve 220
  • Lossless conversion between formats and automatic format detection on map load
  • Seamless face to face texture pasting
  • Filtering options including MSAA and anisotropic
  • GUI, themes and fonts are customizable
  • Compiler build menu
  • CSG Tool (aka shell modifier)
  • Light power adjustable by mouse drag
  • Quick vertices drag / brush faces shear
  • Precise texture lock, supporting affine transformations
  • New bbox styled manipulator, allowing any affine transformation (move, rotate, scale, skew)
  • Entity linking and connected entities walker
  • Texture browser searching
  • Countless fixes and optimizations

Quick Setup[edit]

Choose Quake on launch and set path to the base game directory, for example "c:\quake". The release also contains a q1pack folder whose contents you should copy into your id1 folder, this will enable texture transparency and load the ammo and health models in editor.