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QuArK ("Quake Army Knife") is a GPL-licensed multi-game multi-purpose editor that runs on Windows. It supports a wide range of Quake engine games and a couple more. While QuArK is mainly a map editor, you can also use it to edit models and PAK files.

The interface is very newbie friendly but you might run into problems if you just start mapping like crazy. See the setup suggestions below.


  • If you are used to Windows, you will find the usage much more intuitive than other editors.
  • Nice texture tools.
  • Grouping, organizing


  • Loves to throw leaking maps at you if you are not careful.
  • Is slow on bigger maps. Use groups and hide them or use less views.
  • When the mouse moves outside a 3D view's boundaries, the view will reset once you release it.
  • No working model editor between version 4.07 and version 6.5.0.
  • Some versions seem to focus on featuritis instead of bug/performance fixing. Try older versions if you get a headache.

Suggested setup for Quake mapping[edit]

Thanks to aguirRe for these suggestions.

  • Use aguirRe's tools.
  • In Configuration -> Games -> Quake 1: Set "Output Map Format" to "Valve 220"
  • Add the "-etp" command-line switch to Light.exe
  • In Configuration -> Map -> Options: Check "Use Integral Vertices as Threepoints"
  • In Configuration -> Map -> Options: Uncheck "Don't write floating-point coords"

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