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QuMa v1.5

QuMa (pronounced kyoo-muh), by Ben Williams / Negative Eddy Software, was the first Quake level editor for Windows. Website (archived)


  • Support for CTF maps
  • Modifiable entity help
  • Extendable entity list
  • Simple entity tagging for creating triggers and targets
  • Brush operations:
- Plane dragging/manipulation
- Clipping to an arbitrary plane
- Subtracting from other brushes
- Arbitrary scaling and rotation
- Automatic texture alignment
  • Support for stand alone brush files (for saving a structure by itself for later use)
  • Easy instant rooms (any convex shape, not just cubes), stairs, ramps, arches, columns/tubes, spikes


Originally designed for Windows 95 with DirectX 3.0, QuMa seems to function properly in 98 and 2000 as well, and according to this archived help page will also run in NT 4.0 if Service Pack 3 is installed.


v1.5: Quaddicted