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Quake Expo is an online exposition of the content created within the Quake community. Formulated by CocoT and others on the Inside3d forums as a way to increase awareness through the Quake diaspora, the first Quake Expo was held in 2001. The expo itself is a website that is updated frequently for a set duration as agreed upon by that expo's administrators. The front page is administered by the host via news updates and announcements, while the real meat of the expo is driven by users who create their own web pages on the domain, referred to as booths. These booths can contain any relevant content they wish, though some tags may be restricted by the site, as it is all done via a Content Management System.

Think of it like the E3 of old, where a central location is settled upon, and all sorts from all across join together, and represent their works in that space for the convenient browsing of all. Quake Expo is much like that, with the focus being on Quake, and relevant content to it (mods, maps, engines, artwork, fiction, articles, etc).

Quake Expo 2008

Contact and Organization

I (Jehar) can be reached consistently at jehar42@gmail.com, or on any number of irc channels (especially #qexpo on irc.anynet.org). If you can't easily find me, just contact me and let me know :P

The kinds of things I want to hear from people:

  • Booths - just gimme a link to your site and drop your name by so we can expect to see you at qexpo. It'd be wise to keep any details or promises under wraps until the event for the sake of pleasant surprise.
  • Interviews - any kind of community or industry-based interview.
  • Events - if you have a special event in mind, hit me up, and I'll facilitate getting you some assistance in plotting things out.

Previous QExpos


Hosts: CocoT, Horn, NaNe

Site design:



Hosts: FrikaC

Site design: PHP by SantaClaws


Hosts: MauveBib

Site design: PHP by SantaClaws

Features: Allowed Quake2 to be part of the expo.



Hosts: scar3crow, Sajt

Site design: PHP by Sajt, site by Randy

Features: Allowed Quake3Arena to be part of the expo. John Romero interview. Metal Quake rune awards for various contests. Hint to the later GPLing of id maps.