Rocket Launcher

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Rocket Launcher

"For when a grenade positively, absolutely, has to be there on time."

Ammunition type Rockets
Ammunition usage: 1 per shot
Shot type: Projectile
Damage per shot: 100 + (1-20) direct hit, up to 120 splash damage
Damage per second (max): 150
Range: 5000 units
Cycle Time: 0.8s
First appearance: E1M8 (secret level), E1M5
Obituaries: (Target) rides (attacker)'s rocket.
(Attacker) rips (target) a new one.
(Target) was brutalized/smeared by (attacker)'s quad rocket.
(Target) becomes bored with life.

The Rocket Launcher is similar to the Grenade Launcher, however instead of lobbing grenades it shoots rockets straight forward at high velocities and they explode on contact. This is the most used weapon of Quake. You can also perform a rocket jump by aiming down while firing and jumping at the same time.

The Shambler takes half damage from the rocket launcher.

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