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"The basic gun, to which all other guns compare favorably."

Ammunition type Shells
Ammunition usage: 1 per shot
Shot type: Hitscan
Damage per shot: 24, divided amongst 6 pellets
Damage per second (max): 48
Range: 2048 units
Cycle Time: 0.5s
First appearance: Default weapon
Obituaries: (Target) chewed on (attacker)'s boomstick.

The Shotgun is the weapon you start with. It is not very powerful but remains useful throughout the singleplayer campaign for hitting monsters (such as Scrags) at long range, when a slow-moving projectile won't do. For close-range combat its use is completely eclipsed once you pick up the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, which is more efficient in both damage over time and damage per shell used (but has a wider spread).

The term boomstick is likely a reference to the 1982 movie Army of Darkness.

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