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This page catalogs all the single player levels included with Quake, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity. Infos about the author, secrets, etc.

Quake Maps[edit]

The Dimension of the Doomed[edit]

The mystical past comes alive...

  • e1m1 The Slipgate Complex - John Romero
  • e1m2 Castle of the Damned - Tim Willits
  • e1m3 The Necropolis - Tim Willits
  • e1m4 The Grisly Grotto - Tim Willits
  • e1m5 Gloom Keep - Tim Willits
  • e1m6 The Door to Chthon - American McGee
  • e1m7 The House of Chthon - American McGee
  • e1m8 Ziggurat Vertigo - American McGee

The Realm of Black Magic[edit]

Ancient castles and strange beasts ahead...

  • e2m1 The Installation - John Romero
  • e2m2 The Ogre Citadel - John Romero
  • e2m3 The Crypt of Decay - John Romero
  • e2m4 The Ebon Fortress - John Romero
  • e2m5 The Wizard's Manse - John Romero
  • e2m6 The Dismal Oubliette - John Romero
  • e2m7 The Underearth - Tim Willits

The Netherworld[edit]

Primal fear in a strange dimension...

  • e3m1 Termination Central - John Romero
  • e3m2 The Vaults of Zin - American McGee
  • e3m3 The Tomb of Terror - American McGee
  • e3m4 Satan's Dark Delight - American McGee
  • e3m5 The Wind Tunnels - Tim Willits
  • e3m6 Chambers of Torment - American McGee & Tim Willits
  • e3m7 The Haunted Halls - American McGee

The Elder World[edit]

Your worst nightmares come true...

  • e4m1 The Sewage System - Tim Willits
  • e4m2 The Tower of Despair - Sandy Petersen
  • e4m3 The Elder God Shrine - Sandy Petersen
  • e4m4 The Palace of Hate - Sandy Petersen
  • e4m5 Hell's Atrium - Sandy Petersen
  • e4m6 The Pain Maze - Sandy Petersen
  • e4m7 Azure Agony - Sandy Petersen
  • e4m8 The Nameless City - Sandy Petersen

Shub-Niggurath awaits you...

  • end Shub-Niggurath's Pit - John Romero

Scourge of Armagon Maps[edit]

Dissolution of Eternity Maps[edit]

Hell's Fortress[edit]

  • r1m1 Deviant's Domain
  • r1m2 Dread Portal
  • r1m3 Judgement Call
  • r1m4 Cave of Death
  • r1m5 Towers of Wrath
  • r1m6 Temple of Pain
  • r1m7 Tomb of the Overlord

The Corridors of Time[edit]

  • r2m1 Tempus Fugit
  • r2m2 Elemental Fury I
  • r2m3 Elemental Fury II
  • r2m4 Curse of Osiris
  • r2m5 Wizard's Keep
  • r2m6 Blood Sacrifice
  • r2m7 Last Bastion
  • r2m8 Source of Evil