Super Nailgun

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Super Nailgun

"The great equalizer. Four cyclic barrels that hose out spikes like crazy. Pro: foes drop like flies. Con: eats ammo like popcorn."

Ammunition type Nails
Ammunition usage: 2 per shot
Shot type: Projectile
Damage per shot: 18
Damage per second (max): 90
Range: 6000 units
Cycle Time: 0.2s
First appearance: E1M4
Obituaries: (Target) was punctured by (attacker).

The Super Nailgun (also known as the Perforator) is an upgraded Nailgun with four barrels instead of two. Although it fires nails at the same rate as the nailgun, the nails themselves do double the amount of damage. The Super Nailgun was probably going to fire regular nails twice as fast as the Nailgun, but that many entities would have choked the server (Team Fortress nailguns fire even fewer, more damaging nails). The difference in negligible - either way you have a rapid-fire weapon of doom.

The Super Nailgun is very effective with Quad Damage, doing 72 damage per nail.

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