Double-Barrelled Shotgun

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Double-Barrelled Shotgun

"A worthy weapon with three minor drawbacks: first, it uses up 2 shells per blast; second, it's slow; third, its shot pattern is very loose at long range. But in general, once you find this puppy, the other shotgun starts rusting from disuse."

Ammunition type Shells
Ammunition usage: 2 per shot
Shot type: Hitscan
Damage per shot: 56, divided among 14 pellets
Damage per second (max): 80
Range: 2048 units
Cycle Time: 0.7s
First appearance: E1M1 (secret), E1M2
Obituaries: (Target) ate 2 loads of (attacker)'s buckshot.

The Double-Barrelled Shotgun uses 2 shells up per shot, but is a lot more effective at close range than the Shotgun. It is probably the most-used weapon in the game, and you'll first find it in a secret in E1M1, or else in E1M2.


The term "Super Shotgun" might sometimes be used to describe this gun in fewer syllables, but this is technically incorrect. Both Doom 2 and Quake II used this term, but in Quake it is called the Double-Barrelled Shotgun. Still, its spawn function refers to it as weapon_supershotgun.

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