Sv gravity

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Default value: "800"
Saved to config.cfg: no

sv_gravity is a console variable that sets the amount of gravity in the current game. The Default is "800", which is the regular Quake gravity we're all used to.

However, if you remember e1m8 (Ziggurat Vertigo), you will remember that that level had extremely low gravity. The fact is that the QuakeC code sets "sv_gravity" to "100" when E1M8 is detected.

Since 800 is normal gravity, 100 is low, and 1000 is a little higher than normal. You can put it so high that you won't be able to jump, and you can set it to "1" to annoy people. "0" is no gravity, which means once you jump or fall off a ledge, there's probably no coming back. You can also set sv_gravity in the negative to make gravity push upwards (too bad you can't jump off the ceiling!)

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