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Shareware Monsters
Grunts: {{{grunts}}} Rottweilers: {{{rottweilers}}} Ogres: {{{ogres}}} Knights: {{{knights}}} Scrags: {{{scrags}}} Zombies: {{{zombies}}} Fiends: {{{fiends}}} Shamblers: {{{shamblers}}}
Registered Monsters
Enforcers: {{{enforcers}}} Death Knights: {{{deathknights}}} Rotfish: {{{rotfish}}} Spawn: {{{spawn}}} Vores: {{{vores}}}
Weapons and Ammo
Double-Barreled Shotguns: {{{supershotguns}}} Nailguns: {{{nailguns}}} Super Nailguns: {{{supernailguns}}} Grenade Launchers: {{{grenadelaunchers}}} Rocket Launchers: {{{rocketlaunchers}}} Thunderbolts: {{{lightningguns}}}
Small Shells: {{{shells20}}} Large Shells: {{{shells40}}} Small Nails: {{{nails25}}} Large Nails: {{{nails50}}} Small Rockets: {{{rockets5}}} Large Rockets: {{{rockets10}}} Small Cells: {{{cells6}}} Large Cells: {{{cells12}}}
Health and Armor
Rotten Health: {{{rottenhealth}}} Health Packs: {{{healthpacks}}} Megahealth: {{{megahealths}}}
Green Armor: {{{greenarmors}}} Yellow Armor: {{{yellowarmors}}} Red Armor: {{{redarmors}}}
Quad Damages: {{{quaddamages}}} Pentagrams of Protection: {{{pentagrams}}} Rings of Shadow: {{{ringsofshadow}}} Biosuits: {{{biosuits}}}
Other Details
Silver Keys: {{{silverkeys}}} Gold Keys: {{{goldkeys}}} Slipgates: {{{slipgates}}} Trap Shooters: {{{trapshooters}}}