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Hoi, I am Spirit. I run and set up the (migrating content from the Ask me anything on User_talk:Spirit.

Recursive file list creator script[edit]

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Recursively crawl through the current directory print all files and
# subdirectories nicely with filename, size, md5sum.
# This outputs in table format for mediawiki.
# Written by Spirit for, 03-2013
# Do whatever you want with this, consider it public domain.

shopt -s globstar # to make it recursively dive into all directories

echo "<tt>" # force monospace
# mediawiki table header
echo '{| class="wikitable"'
echo '|-'
echo '! Path !! Size !! md5'
echo '|-'

for file in **/*
	# Whatever you do, don't forget to quote the filename, ie "${file}".
	#echo "now: " "${file}"
	ls_string=$(ls --color=no -gG --time-style=long-iso "${file}")
	file_size=$(echo ${ls_string} | awk '{print $3}')
	file_time=$(echo ${ls_string} | awk '{print $4 " " $5}')
	file_md5sum=$(md5sum "${file}" 2>/dev/null | awk '{print $1}')
	if [[  -z ${file_md5sum} ]] #if "the string is empty"
		# Current file is a directory, just print the tree (or nothing at all)
		# echo ${file}/
		true # you must have something in this then block :-)
		# Current file is a valid file, print all its details
		#echo "${file}" ${file_size} ${file_time} ${file_md5sum}
		echo "| ${file}  ||style="text-align:right"|  ${file_size} || ${file_md5sum}"
		echo '|-'

# mediawiki table footer
echo '|}'
echo "</tt>"