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Xash3D (QWrap)
Author: Uncle Mike
Based on: Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake II engines
First release: Jul 29 2017
Newest release: Nov 28 2018
Website: here

Quake Wrapper is a modification of the Xash3D engine, which allows to play Quake and its mods in Xash3D. The engine was initially developed to be standalone with a model format similar to GoldSrc. In 2010, the engine's development changed its course to provide maximum GoldSrc compatibility, using Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake II's source code as a base. Currently, Xash3D is compatible with almost all of the mods for Half-Life.

Since GoldSrc and the Quake engine have a lot of common features, Xash3D became able to fully support Quake itself in 2017. It doesn't change the gameplay and is compatible with modern PC's and operating systems. Quake's resources are supported by Xash3D on core level, and QWrap is only a third-party mediator between Quake's virtual machine and Xash3D. Most of QWrap's code is a data interface unit, the virtual machine's wrapper, hence the name of the project.

Currently QWrap supports Quake demos' playback, including The Seal of Nehahra, for which a "remote control" feature was implemented. Most of the Quake mods not developed exclusively under specific unofficial engines are compatible as well. In the future Hexen II may be supported.

Potential features for modmakers[edit]

A number of features for QWrap are not implemented right now, but can be potentially added if there's a bigger interest for the project from the Quake community. The following potential features are exclusive for QWrap and aren't currently present in any of the existing forks:

  • QWrap doesn't affect the engine, so you always have a stable core on any level of development.
  • Models with skeletal animation and weight distribution.
  • Powerful network engine with prediction and unlag system, with capability to download missing files.
  • Decals.
  • Smooth changelevel and capability to return on previous maps.
  • Save/restore for decals, sounds, music.
  • Enhanced sound engine with DSP effects.
  • Possibility to hook advanced physics or a new renderer through QWrap, even from your favorite Quake fork, if you prefer to use it.
  • Vertex lighting for static alias-models (Quake models).