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void dprint(string msg)


Broadcasts a message to all players in the game, but they will only see it if the developer console variable is set to 1. This is mainly for debugging purposes. Messages will continue to print on the same line until a \n character is placed, allowing chaining of calls to print to the same line.

This builtin has special functionality in that it can accept an unlimited number of string arguments (with a cap of 255 characters in a string). Multiple versions of the builtin can be assigned to the same index with as many additional string arguments as needed e.g.

    void dprint3(string start, string middle, string end) = #25;

This can allow for easily inserting numbers into the middle of the string since normally this would require a chain of multiple calls to do.

dprint3("Total steps: ", ftos(self.stepCount), "\n");

will display as "Total steps: 5" if self.stepCount is 5.


  • msg
The message to display.


// Print a debug message if the target provided was invalid
if (
    entity pathNode = find(world, targetname,;
    if (!pathNode)
        dprint("Couldn't find target path node\n");
        // ...