trigger teleport

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Description: A trigger used to teleport players and monsters. Is activated when walked on unless it has a "targetname", if a "targetname" is present the teleporter will teleport once the targetname is called by another trigger.

classname "trigger_teleport"
angle The angle in which the teleported monster/player will face when it "comes out" of the teleport.
target Teleport destination name to teleport to.
targetname Trigger name (optional) - only teleports once activated if targetname is present.

Teleporting Monsters: You can precisely teleport monsters into new locations in Quake. To do so, you must first create a out of reach area for the monsters to reside in. Give this area a trigger_teleport tag and assign a targetname tag to it. Create a teleport_destination where you want the monster to appear. Now, you must create a trigger whose target property points to the trigger_teleport's targetname. When this trigger is activated, the monster in the room will teleport to the teleport_destination. Make sure that there is only one monster per room and one room per teleport_destination. Otherwise, when the teleport is triggered, all the monsters will telefrag each other (like what happens in E1M7 when you win).