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Author: Novum et al.
Based on: QuakeSpasm
First release: Jul 31 2016
Newest release: [1]
Website: [2]

vkQuake is a cross-platform Quake engine based on QuakeSpasm.

Core Features[edit]

  • Vulkan renderer
  • Uncapped framerate
  • Much better performance with multithreaded rendering and loading
  • The game can run at higher frame rates than 72Hz without breaking physics
  • A software Quake like underwater effect
  • Better color precision reducing banding in dark areas
  • Proper mip mapping for water surfaces to reduce aliasing
  • Native support for anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering
  • 8-bit color emulation
  • Scaling for pixelated look
  • Mods menu for easy mod loading
  • More modern protocol to avoid certain movement issues (from QSS)
  • Support for custom mod HUDs (from QSS)
  • Support for scriptable particles (from QSS)