FTEQW Engine Development

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This page is under construction.

Find the full source repository to FTEQW on Sourceforge.

Compiling FTEQW engine from source[edit]

svn checkout https://sourceforge.net/p/fteqw/code/HEAD/tree/trunk fteqw && cd fteqw/engine && make makelibs && make m-rel -j4

This will checkout, compile dependencies and compile FTEQW in theory under Linux.

If you want to dynamically link to your system libraries then skip the makelibs part, but you'll need to set them up properly first.

There's a couple of cross-compile scripts to manage dependencies and targets and stuff, but they're not really end-user-safe right now, but should be okay on Debian and maybe Ubuntu.


targets also exist, if you want stack traces or gdb or whatever. Binaries are instead written to the engine/debug but otherwise basically the same.

'make help' should show you the documented targets.

Cross compiling from Linux or cygwin to native Win32 can be done by adding FTE_TARGET=win32 to make's commandline, assuming you have mingw64 installed etc. FTE_TARGET=win64 for a win64 build.

Compiling FTEQCC from source[edit]

To compile FTEQCC:

cd engine && make qcc-rel

Again you'll find an FTEQCC binary inside the engine/release subdir.

Compiling FTEQW plugins from source[edit]

The plugins-rel target also exists if you want to build the optional plugins too.