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FTEQW Plugins

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FTWQW comes with a series of plugins that add interesting non-core functionality to the engine. These plugins can be installed/enabled/disabled via the in-engine downloads menu.

List of available plugins[edit]

  • ezHUD: in-game customizable HUDs for Quake based games
  • ffmpeg: video player
    • Provides video playback, eg playfilm foobar.mp4
    • Provides video encoding, eg capturedriver ffmpeg;ffmpeg_videocode h264;capture foo.mp4
    • Provides audio decoding, eg cd remap 3 music/foobar.mp3
    • ffmpeg sold separately...
    • Prebuilt only for windows right now.
  • IRC: chat on any IRC server right in the game
  • MPQ: (written for an elaborate prank, ignore)
  • ODE in FTEQW: Advanced physics engine (a bit buggy)
  • QI: Quake Injector: a clone of the original
    • In-Engine alternative to the well-known Quake Injector program.
    • Downloads and runs mods and maps directly from zips, instead of creating a multitude of new directories.
  • XMPP: federated instant messaging and friends lists
    • Allows to easily join servers where friends are playing
    • Supports voice chat
    • Offers NAT hole punching for private games
    • Start by typing /xmpp in the console (after enabling with /menu_download)

How to get these plugins[edit]

You can get some of these via the build in download menu. Type in the console:


Alternatively you can download them manually from here.