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Welcome to the Quake Wiki Community Portal![edit]

If you're using the wiki for research, please feel free to look around. If you want to contribute however, please sign up as a new user so you can do so. Be sure to check out the Policies and Guidelines page as well.

This is currently 99% an import of the Quakery Qwiki. That itself was a mixture of imported content from the Quakesrc Wiki and quite a lot of new content.

Case Sensitivity[edit]

Note that (unlike Wikipedia) the Quake Wiki is case sensitive for article names and links. Please use the appropriate case when creating new articles and linking them to avoid excessive redirects and article moves. This is particularly important for things like entities or console commands.


Here are a list of known projects across the wiki, perhaps you are able to contribute to one of these?


There are a number of templates created specifically for the Quake Wiki. Below are a few that you may find useful as you edit the wiki. Each template should have instructions for it's use on it's own page. This list may move to a separate page at some point.

About timestamps on this wiki[edit]

Note that the contents of this wiki were ported from a previous wiki (itself ported from another). The porting happened in March of 2013. Thus, any timestamps from before that period reflect edits made at the previous wikis. As a result, information in those edits may be out of date (broken links, inactive users, etc). Please keep this in mind when reviewing comments on the wiki.