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For now, see the Quake Info Pool page which contains a VERY detailed record of QuakeC and Quake engine bugs, and workarounds or fixes for most of them.


Texture Bugs[edit]

ID Software made a huge mistake when they put their textures in maps. ID included two different textuers in different maps under the same name. Loading a map with one texture then loading a different map with another texture but the same name caused earlier versions of (net/reg)Quake to crash, but newer clients simply use the old (first) texture loaded. Newer clients (as the Quake Retexture Project is hoping) will make use of shaders to differentiate between textures and maps. Here is a running list of texture problems:

Below are all maps (in regular Quake) where the (three) textures appear in.

Todo: get a fucking table to work.

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Engine bugs[edit]

CL_UpdateTEnts (in cl_tent.c) contains some satanic code which should never have worked. In fact it's a dormant crash, waiting to surface if you look at it funny.

This code at the bottom of the function:

for (i=0 ; i<3 ; i++)
    org[i] += dist[i]*30;

Is overwriting the use of the variable 'i' in the outer loop! So make a new variable 'j' and use it in this inner loop instead.