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QuakeC Globals

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Globals are variables that aren't entity specific and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Much like fields, they're broken down into system globals and QuakeC globals. Valid global data types include string, vector, float, and entity. Globals are declared via:

    datatype globalName;

System globals are globals defined within the engine itself and must be present for the game to work. These are always defined before anything else. The end of them is denoted by the void end_sys_globals; declaration. System globals must always be declared in the order defined within the vanilla QuakeC files as they are linked by memory offsets internally. Changing the order will break logic.

QuakeC globals are standard globals that have no internal linkage and can be defined freely anywhere.

Note that these are not stored between maps and will be reset upon changing levels.

System Globals[edit]

The following globals should be defined in the exact order of this list, otherwise memory offset errors can occur.

  • entity self
The entity that the physics frame is currently processing.
  • entity other
If a collision is occurring, this is the entity self is colliding with. This should only be used from touch() functions.
  • entity world
The default world entity. This entity's fields cannot be written to directly and it is considered null in conditional checks.
  • float time
The current game time in seconds.
  • float frametime
The difference between the previous physics frame and the current one in seconds.
  • float force_retouch
If greater than 0, relinks all entities into the world. Useful for getting entities to touch newly created triggers. This should be set to 2 to properly reset everything since setting it to 1 will only relink entities starting from the current self onward.
  • string mapname
The name of the current map e.g. start, e2m1, etc.
  • float deathmatch
If non-zero, PvP is enabled. If set to 2, uses the classic deathmatch rules.
  • float coop
If non-zero, co-op is enabled.
  • float teamplay
If non-zero while PvP is active, team PvP is enabled. If set to 1, friendly fire is disabled.
  • float serverflags
Tracks the state of the game across the entire session. This doesn't get reset between level changes. The first 4 bits are reserved for the runes with each bit corresponding to its respective episode e.g. episode 1 is the first bit. If this is non-zero when going back to the start map, the player's inventory will be cleared.
  • float total_secrets
The total secret count for the current map.
  • float total_monsters
The total monster count for the current map.
  • float found_secrets
How many secrets have been found in the current map.
  • float killed_monsters
How many monsters have been killed in the current map.

Parms store information about each player when moving between levels. Players have their own set of parms, but the globals act as an interface for setting them. These can be changed to however the modder wants to encode information, but below is how they're handled by default.

  • float parm1
Stores the player's items field minus any keys and power ups.
  • float parm2
Stores the player's health. This is capped between 50 and 100.
  • float parm3
Stores the amount of armor the player has.
  • float parm4
Stores the amount of shells the player has. This has a minimum amount of 25.
  • float parm5
Stores the amount of nails the player has.
  • float parm6
Stores the amount of rockets the player has.
  • float parm7
Stores the amount of cells the player has.
  • float parm8
Stores the player's weapon field.
  • float parm9
Stores the player's armor damage reduction multiplied by 100 to give two decimal places of accuracy (decimal places beyond this get discarded).
  • float parm10
  • float parm11
  • float parm12
  • float parm13
  • float parm14
  • float parm15
  • float parm16

The following are used by makevectors() to store the local axes that the function generates from the passed angles.

  • vector v_forward
The facing direction of the passed angles.
  • vector v_up
The direction pointing 90 degrees up from the facing direction of the passed angles.
  • vector v_right
The direction pointing 90 degrees to the right of the facing direction of the passed angles.

The following are used by traceline() to pass information from the function to QuakeC.

  • float trace_allsolid
If TRUE, the trace was stuck entirely in solids.
  • float trace_startsolid
If TRUE, the trace started inside of a solid.
  • float trace_fraction
The fraction of the total distance the trace traveled before stopping. Ranges from [0, 1].
  • vector trace_endpos
The position the trace stopped.
  • vector trace_plane_normal
The normal of the plane that the trace hit.
  • float trace_plane_dist
The distance from the world origin of the plane that the trace hit. This is d in the plane equation ax + by + cz + d = 0.
  • entity trace_ent
The entity that the trace hit.
  • float trace_inopen
If TRUE, the trace traveled through open air.
  • float trace_inwater
If TRUE, the trace traveled through a liquid.
  • entity msg_entity
When sending a network message to a specific player via MSG_ONE, this is the player the message is sent to.

Below are a special set of global functions the engine calls. These have no internal definitions so the function body must be defined somewhere in QuakeC to work. As such, their functionality is entirely customizable.

  • void() main
  • void() StartFrame
Called at the start of every physics frame before anything else is processed.
  • void() PlayerPreThink
Called before the player's physics is ran.
  • void() PlayerPostThink
Called after the player's physics is ran.
  • void() ClientKill
Called when the player kills themselves via the console command.
  • void() ClientConnect
Called when a player joins the game, either for the first time or from changing levels.
  • void() PutClientInServer
Called when a player is set to spawn or respawn.
  • void() ClientDisconnect
Called when a player leaves the game, either from disconnecting or changing levels.
  • void() SetNewParms
Sets the default parms for the player when they join the game for the first time or when respawning in deathmatch.
  • void() SetChangeParms
Called when the player is about to change levels and their parms need to be set so they can be decoded when joining the new map.

QuakeC Globals[edit]

These can be defined anywhere in any order. Since they can't be set from the map editor they're free to be changed and removed, but doing so may break saves so exercise caution. It may be better to just deprecate them to keep save compatibility.

World Globals[edit]

  • string string_null
Null string. This differs from empty strings in that it's not considered a valid string in conditional checks while empty strings are.
  • float skill
The current difficulty of the map. Can be one of the following:
  • 0 (Easy)
  • 1 (Normal)
  • 2 (Hard)
  • 3 (Nightmare)
  • float framecount
The total number of physics frames the server has processed.
  • float gameover
If TRUE, the server is changing levels and players should not be considered fully disconnected.
  • string nextmap
Stores the name of the next map to go to when changing levels e.g. start, e4m4, etc.
  • float intermission_running
Stores the type of intermission cutscene currently being played. Can be one of the following:
  • 1 (Stats screen)
  • 2 (End of episode text crawl)
  • 3 (All runes collected text crawl)
  • float intermission_exittime
Stores the time stamp for when the intermission should end and change levels.
  • entity lastspawn
Stores the last multiplayer spawn point found in order to cycle through them when spawning players in.
  • entity bodyque_head
Stores a queue of entities to track player corpses. Tracks up to 4 corpses by default.

Map Entity Globals[edit]

  • entity s
Tracks the last teleport fog entity that was spawned.

General Entity Globals[edit]

  • entity activator
The entity that's considered the activator when calling SUB_UseTargets().
  • entity damage_attacker
The source of the attack when an entity takes damage.
  • entity newmis
Set by launch_spike() to store the newly created projectile entity.
  • entity multi_ent
When firing a shotgun attack, stores the entity that's currently being damaged by tracers.
  • float multi_damage
When firing a shotgun attack, stores the total amount of damage to apply to multi_ent after the tracers are done or when hitting a different entity.

Monster Entity Globals[edit]

  • float movedist
When attempting to move, stores how far the current monster is trying to travel in map units.
  • entity sight_entity
The monster that just woke up from finding a valid target. This is used so other monsters can see it and check to wake up themselves.
  • float sight_entity_time
The time stamp for when the monster woke up from finding a valid target. In order for sight_entity to be valid other monsters must have seen it within 0.1 seconds.
  • float enemy_vis
If TRUE, the current monster was able to see its enemy while chasing.
  • float enemy_infront
If TRUE, the current monster's enemy was in front of the direction it's facing while chasing.
  • float enemy_range
Determines how far away the current monster's enemy is while chasing. Can be one of the following:
  • RANGE_MELEE (within 120 map units)
  • RANGE_NEAR (within 500 map units)
  • RANGE_MID (within 1000 map units)
  • RANGE_FAR (1000+ map units)
  • float enemy_yaw
The yaw that points towards the current monster's enemy while chasing.
  • float hknight_type
Determines what type of melee attack Death Knights will perform. Can be one of the following:
  • 0 (Slice attack)
  • 1 (Overhead attack)
  • 2 (Long combo slice attack)
  • entity le1
When fighting Chthon, stores the first pillar that lowers in the lightning trap.
  • entity le2
When fighting Chthon, stores the second pillar that lowers in the lightning trap.
  • float lightning_end
When fighting Chthon, stores the time stamp for when the pillars in the lightning trap should raise back up after being activated.
  • entity shub
Stores a pointer to Shub-Niggurath so the finale cutscene can play out correctly.

Player Entity Globals[edit]

  • float modelindex_eyes
Stores the model index in the cache for the eyes when the player is invisible.
  • float modelindex_player
Stores the model index in the cache for the player.