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This wiki was based on the old one, which was initiated and massively contributed to by FrikaC. This Acknowledgments page was taken from there.

We'd like to thank...

  • JakFrost for the Console Command site, which was used as a reference during the creation the Console Commands section.
  • Uwe Girlich for the Quake Demospecs, which we didn't really use, but still:
  • Olivier Montanuy for the Quake Specs, which served as inspiration.
  • David "DarkGrue" Hesprich for the QuakeC Reference manual which served as inspiration (mostly because of all the mistakes it has...)
  • id Software for Quake, QuakeC and the all the sources to go with.
  • Maddes and Quake Info Pool for many years of just being cool.
  • Ender and [QuakeSrc] for setting this site up initially and hosting it from 2002 until 2007.
  • Echon and for hosting it from 2008? until 2011?
  • Spirit for hosting it from 2013 onwards
  • Starbuck for the great design
  • Esrael for donating hosting costs for July 2022 until August 2023
  • dumptruck_ds for donating hosting costs for Oktober 2023 until September 2024