FTEQW Showcases

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Showcases for FTEQW[edit]

Despite having been around for several years, not to many standalone projects have chosen FTEQW as their main engine. It has been however very often used to run Quake1 and other supported games due to it's high compatibility and advanced graphics features.

Videos of supported games[edit]

Afterquake improvements for Quake1:

General feature videos[edit]


FreeCS is a FOSS engine reimplementation project for Counterstrike 1.5. It has been developed from ground up with clean QuakeC code, comes with it's own menu system and in-game advanced HUD system.


Unreleased from scratch made arena FPS.

The Waste[edit]

Unreleased post-apocalyptic FPS with RPG elements and vehicles.

Mini-games by Shpuld[edit]

Shpuld has been creating a series of mini games for competitions etc. Not everything has been released, but here are some videos:

Treasure of the Hellbeast[edit]

Funny isometric dungeon crawler type of action game.

Mobster Massacre[edit]

Top down shooter made for a competition.