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This should be a one-page quick-start guide to getting, installing, and actually running the game, with links to other pages with further information.

Getting Quake

Buy Quake on CD-ROM

One way to get Quake is to buy it on CD-ROM.

Apart from rummaging your favourite market of used goods (flea market, friends, random online communities) you can get Quake at:

Be careful that you don't accidentally buy a shareware disc. The shareware edition is useful, but there's no need to pay for it; it's free to download. However, the soundtrack is on the shareware disc and isn't available elsewhere (legally), so if you did happen to get the wrong disc, at least you'd have gotten something for your money.

Download the shareware edition of Quake

Another way to get Quake is to download the shareware edition. The only file you really need from it is ID1\pak0.pak. Supplement this with one of the unofficial engines which runs on your operating system & hardware, and you'll be able to play Quake, with the only restriction being no access to the Episodes 2-4 portions of the original single-player game. Those require ID1\pak1.pak, which you only get with the 'registered'/commercial edition.

  • - Quake 1.06 shareware edition; contains resource.1, which is an lh5 LZH-encoded archive (LHA) containing the actual game files, including ID1\pak0.pak. The zip contains an installer program (deice.exe) for MS-DOS/Win95 which unpacks the entire archive, and a script (install.bat) which runs the installer and then tries to launch the DOS Quake engine. If you can't/don't want to run these, use an lh5-compatible LHA extractor like LHmelting to extract what you need from resource.1. Some multi-format archivers/extractors may also work.

Installing Quake

Patching Quake

Running Quake

  • basic batch file/shortcut with some standard command line stuff
  • system requirements/video card weirdness