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Welcome to the Quake Wiki Community Portal!

If you're using the wiki for research, please feel free to look around. If you want to contribute however, please sign up as a new user so you can do so. Be sure to check out the Policies and Guidelines page as well.


Here are a list of known projects across the wiki, perhaps you are able to contribute to one of these?


There are a number of templates created specifically for the Quake Wiki. Below are a few that you may find useful as you edit the wiki. Each template should have instructions for it's use on it's own page. This list may move to a separate page at some point.

About timestamps on this wiki

Note that the contents of this wiki were ported from a previous wiki (itself ported from another). The porting happened in March of 2013. Thus, any timestamps from before that period reflect edits made at the previous wikis. As a result, information in those edits may be out of date (broken links, inactive users, etc). Please keep this in mind when reviewing comments on the wiki.