FTEQW on Android

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FTEQW for Android, or short FTEdriod allows you to run any game that FTEQW supports on your Android hand-held.

Additional features[edit]

  • Touchscreen input
    • Different areas of the touchscreen are used to different binds. For example, to change weapon, simply press on its position on the Quake HUD
  • Can be used to spectate on QuakeTV easily
    • Visit QTV with the phone’s browser
    • Click on a "watch" link; It asks which app should open the link. Choose FTEDroid
    • FTEDroid will launch and connect to the stream automatically


  • If the console text size is too small, use the command vid_conautoscale 4. If it's too dark, use gl_contrast 1.3 and gl_brightness.
    • gl_gamma doesn't work
    • Settings will be automatically saved

Default binds[edit]

  • Volume keys to +showteamscores,
  • The left and right area of the screen to +jump and +fire (mouse1 and mouse2 binds)
  • Use the MENU key to toggle the console, and the on screen keyboard to type on it
  • Settings will be automatically saved. Use the BACK key to navigate.