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entity find (entity start, .string field, string match)

start = begining of list to search (world, for the begining of list)

field = entity field that must be examined (ex: targetname)

match = value that must be matched (ex:

returns the entity found, or world if no entity was found.

Searches the server entity list beginning at start, looking for an entity that has entity.field = match

Example: find the first player entity:

e = find( world, classname, "player");

Take care that field is a name of an entity field, without dot, and without quotes.

Please note that, depending on the type of the field that you want to match (which can be a string, float or entity) you have to use the corresponding function find, findfloat or findentity !

In the example above find(...) was used because find works for entity fields that are of type string . And the field that was looked up (classname) was defined somewhere as: .string classname