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Author: metlslime
Based on: GLQuake
First release: May 15 2002
Newest release: Feb 12 2009

Fitzquake is metlslime's Quake engine. It focused on fixing GLQuake's rendering bugs that had made it in some ways inferior to software Quake, and on adding some conveniences for both mappers and general users.

"While I have made extensive changes to the code, I pretty much use the same OpenGL features that the original glquake uses. Therefore, if you can run glquake, you can probably run Fitzquake."

Fitzquake also features expanded limits in regards to the original form of Quake, and for such is largely preferred by mappers.

The website contains detailed information on the console commands and provides other versions of the engine, as well as source and setgamma utilities.

The official distribution is for Win32, but there is an SDL port which can run on Linux and Mac OS X.

Official distribution sites: