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Scourge of Armagon was Quake's first official mission pack. It was developed by Hipnotic Interactive (now called Ritual Entertainment). It added three new weapons, monsters, and powerups, along with 3 new episodes (though a bit shorter than an id1 episode), a new, more musical, soundtrack by Jeehun Hwang, bobbing water, bullet hole decals, exploding walls and made significant use of rotating brushes.

Gameplay Flow[edit]

Scourge of Armagon is divided into three episodes, this division is most notable in the texture themes, as we first see significant presence of base and earthy textures, as the player explores military bases, encountering forcefields, Centroids, the Wetsuit, Laser Cannon and the Proximity Bomb. This section contains the very memorable experience of being chased down a mine shaft by a large tumbling boulder, which provides an excellent example of the rotating brushes. The episode ends on a more supernatural note, with the player being launched through a pentagram of lightning, and landing at a more traditional Quake exit. The second episode is clearly medieval themed, though it makes definite use of the new white castle theme. This episode introduces Gremlins, the mighty Mjolnir and the bittersweet Empathy Shield, along with a unique clock entity which can reveal a secret. The final episode blends base monsters and medieval setting with a good dose of the metal texture set, and introduces a floating spike mine (presumably once upon a time a ranged attack for the Gremlin) and casts a much more gothic style over itself, and ultimately concludes with an arena battle against Armagon himself.


One of the most recognized innovations of Scourge of Armagon is the Gremlin, who has the capacity of not only stealing the player's weapons, but using them against him, usually to simultaneously dangerous and amusing effect, making the player's inventory a vulnerable and liquid asset rather than being a strictly positive trait in the game. The presence of the Horn of Conjuring saw official use of friendly monster AI, though their actual intelligence was in doubt. Scourge of Armagon also introduced gaming to the "void map" as popularized in Quake 3: Arena, with Edge of Oblivion.

If you just have the /hipnotic folder and no executable or link, you can start it by running Quake with the command line parameter -hipnotic.

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