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The History and Development of Quake

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Quake has had a long and interesting development cycle, and this page is dedicated about documenting the history of quake's development.

Quake Timeline[edit]

  • 24.2.1996 - Qtest released
  • 22.6.1996 - Quake shareware released
  • 5.7.1996 - Linux shareware version released
  • 22.7.1996 - the full release was shipped to people who ordered directly from id Software
  • 23.7.1996 - id Software releases first "bug fix" for Quake to allow modem play
  • 25.7.1996 - Quake C source and compiler is released
  • 30.8.1996 - Quake full retail version hits USA store shelves
  • 17.12.1996 - Quakeworld released
  • 22.1.1997 - GLQuake released in beta
  • 27.2.1997 - Quake Mission Pack: Scourge Of Armagon hits stores
  • 11.3.1997 - WinQuake v1.0 officially released
  • 26.3.1997 - Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution Of Eternity released
  • 4.4.1997 - Transparent water in GLQuake released (patch? official?)
  • 25.8.1997 - DM7 released by id
  • 28.8.1998 - Quakeworld v2.3 released, final "official" version
  • 19.3.1999 - id's Tim Willits releases a Quake 1 conversion of Q2DM1 (The Edge) map
  • 13.5.1999 - Quake: The Offering is released
  • 11.10.2006 - Release of the map sources


After the release of DooM II, work started on an engine that would eventually become the Quake Engine. On August 8th, 1994 what would become known as QuakeC was announced. In a July 1994 issue of "Computer Gaming World", Quake is announced to the public for the first time in four years. During the latter part of 1994, the ID team had bought an SGI Indigo2 machine, and Alias/3 as their go-to 3D-modelling software. At this point in time, multiplayer was said to have been working, 3D models were up and running in the engine, but texture mapping wasn't fully implemented yet.


Around March of 1995, Kevin Cloud created some of the very first models for Quake, a human model which consisted of around 200 polygons, using the DooM Cyber-Demon artwork as a temporary texture, a bat model which presumably evolved into either the dragon or the serpent, and what Dave Taylor can only describe as a "biped baddy". During this time, the Quake engine had progressed far enough that it had lighting fully implemented. On August 3rd, 1995, John Romero released the very first Quake screenshots, and uploaded it to the ID Software FTP as "" On September 28, 1995, American McGee released "", which contains some of the very first pictures of the knight, and ogre. In an old ID Software .plan file, the knight behaves exactly how it does in the final release, while the ogre has a missile attack, despite wielding an axe and shield. During September 1995, one of the first public viewings of Quake was shown off at the 1995 London European Computer Trade show. This version is said to have knights that died upon being pushed off balconies, what seems to be a cut up version of E2M4, and an odd explosive weapon that uses the light_globe sprite as a projectile.



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