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A level editor for the Quake engine and related family of games supporting Quake, Quake 2, Hexen 2, and more. The project was started by long time Quake community member SleepwalkR and maintained by him and EricW along with community member code contributions. It uses a single 3D view and has optional traditional 2D views, and boasts some very handy vertex manipulation. Website

You can find the source-code here: Github



  • Full support for editing in 3D and in up to three 2D views
  • High-performance renderer with support for huge maps
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo
  • Macro-like command repetition
  • Issue browser with automatic quick fixes
  • Point file support
  • Automatic backups

Brush Editing

  • Robust vertex editing with edge and face splitting and manipulating multiple vertices together
  • Clipping tool with two and three points
  • CSG operations: merge, subtract, intersect
  • UV view for easy texture manipulations
  • Precise texture lock for all brush editing operations
  • Multiple texture collections

Entity Editing

  • Entity browser with drag and drop support
  • Support for FGD and DEF files for entity definitions
  • Mod support
  • Entity link visualization
  • Displays 3D models in the editor
  • Smart entity property editors


See Getting_Started_Mapping for a beginner's guide to using Trenchbroom, which also covers a lot of the basics of general Quake mapping. Note that this tutorial is a bit outdated as many things have changed in Trenchbroom 2.0.

Video Tutorials[edit]

A very comprehensive TrenchBroom version 2 video tutorial series by Dumptruck_ds can be found here: TrenchBroom 2 Tutorials