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Video-capture in FTEQW

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FTEQW supports screen capture, outputting to either a series of screenshots or (on windows) AVI output. See the description of capturecodec for how output is chosen. Capturing will work anywhere, in game, in menus, at the console, etc, with one exception. If a demo is currently being played, both the capturing and demo playback will pause whenever the game is not shown fullscreen - that is, if the console is shown, the menu is loaded, etc. This allows you to visit the console and issue commands without breaks and pauses. Also, when a demo is playing, the demo will be slowed to keep exactly in sync with the capturing. This is important with slow codecs, cpus, framerates, or hard disks.


To capture part of a demo, issue the command:

capture demo.mvd;demo_jump 30:30;capturepause

This will begin capturing demo.mvd at a specific point, and will be paused. You can then change the spectator to the correct point

Relevent commands[edit]

capture [outfilename]

  • This command tells FTE to begin capturing.


  • This command tells FTE to begin capturing, and to play a demo at the same time.
  • capturedemo uses offline(as in non-realtime) and offscreen rendering. This means that low resolutions will be captured faster than realtime, while high resolutions are not capped to the window size and the final video will have no framedrops at all (smoother). You can capture smooth 4k video with full rtlights etc on a cheap laptop, if needed.
  • This has only one advantage over capture and playdemo in that the result is fully synced to the demo. No loading screens and no stuff on the end.
  • This has limited use to making frag videos.


  • Terminates capturing immediatly.


  • Pauses capturing. Video displayed during this time will not be in the result.

demo_jump [+|-][mins:]seconds

  • If the + is present, will jump relative to the current position. Does not truly support rewinding, but will restart and jump the demo if you try.

Relevent cvars[edit]


  • Can be used to slow down or accelerate a demo for one reason or annother. Set to 0 to freeze, and 1 for normal speed.


  • Specifies a message to be placed on the screen, visible only in the output.
  • This can be changed at any point during capturing.


  • Specifies weather sound should be captured. This is only supported for AVI output.
  • Audio will be captured at the current snd_khz speed. Use snd_restart while not capturing to apply a new snd_khz setting.
  • Changes will not take effect until capturing is restarted.


  • Specifies the video frames per second to capture
  • Changes will not take effect until capturing is restarted.


  • Specifies the type of output you want.
  • If left empty, the output will be uncompressed AVI.
  • If one of tga, jpg, png, or pcx are specified, output will be a series of screenshots, one image per file.
  • If it's a four-character-code, then it specifies what sort of video compression to use. Some codecs force splashscreens, so it might be a good idea to try new ones when running windowed.
  • Common four-character-codes are:
    • divx
    • xvid