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Voice chat in FTEQW

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FTEQW includes two options for voice-chat, one relaying the chat through the game server and one establishing a private (P2P?) connection through the XMPP plugin.

Server based[edit]


bind v +voip

And it'll automatically detect the codec you have compiled into FTEQW. It will use Opus by default. So when you press "V" you can speak to other people on the server.

Choose the codec:

/snd_voip_codec 0/1/2/3
  • 0 = Auto
  • 1 = Opus
  • 2 = Speex (Narrow)
  • 3 = Speex (Wide)

Voice playback volume:

snd_voip_play 0.0-1.0

Test Microphone (hear yourself):

/snd_voip_test 0/1

Noise cancellation:

/snd_voip_noisefilter 0/1

Note: Extra step on Windows: find a libopus-0.dll for win32 here. It also needs the gcc dependency dll. Unfortunately everyone else needs a copy to hear you speak.

XMPP based[edit]

Use the XMPP plugin to establish a private voice-chat. You will need your own XMPP account and you can open it by typing /xmpp in the console.

  • Is that P2P via WebRTC?
  • Do XMPP multi-user chats work?