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func door secret

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Didn't know how to actually remove that page/link it properly to the entity guide.

All creds to Negke for previous post.

Flags: "open_once"

stays open when triggered


1st move is left of arrow


1st move is down from arrow


only opened by trigger


even if targeted, keep shootable

Keys: "target"

all matching targets will be used


all matching entities will be 


# of seconds before coming back


waits # seconds before firing
its targets


override Width to move back
(or height if going down)


override Length to move sideways


damage to inflict when blocked
(2 default)


prints message when touched

If a secret door has a targetname, it will only be opened by it's button or trigger, not by damage.


1 = medieval
2 = metal
3 = base
I think, in this case, it comes down to relevance and scope. I can't speak for Spirit's intentions (please let us know) but as the Quake Wiki I personally feel like the goal is to keep the wiki relevant to Quake 1, it's engines, mods, and features. If the wiki were to expand to include Hexen 2, we risk polluting pages with non-Quake 1 information which makes it less valuable and more difficult to use for finding Quake 1-specific information. Granted, there is some degree of relevance for games created with the Quake engine (of which there are many) but that also significantly expands the scope. Personally, if additional games such as Hexen 2 were to be added to the wiki, it would better suit the organizational needs to categorize everything into different namespaces. For example, article Q1:func_door would be different from H2:func_door (or the H2 article could include the Q1 article inline with additional information given also) to prevent the insertion of information not relevant to a particular game. But I think, personally, that expanding beyond Q1 is not in the current best interests of the wiki. --Hectate (talk) 22:01, 12 April 2013 (UTC)

This is not about adding Hexen 2 entities - these particular bits of information are also relevant to Quake and they just happen to be on a H2 page (same entity). Having said that, we don't need that page for reference since it's all in the .def files as well, and we'd want to write all the stuff ourselves anyway once we've settled on a proper template for brush entities.