item armorInv

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This entity spawns the Red Armor.

Model: progs/armor1.mdl (skin 2)

Sounds: items/armor1.wav

If the player is wearing better armor they will not pick up worse armor unless it is heavily damaged - how much depends on the armour type being worn, how damaged it is and the armour type being picked up.


targetname - Can be killtargeted

target - Will trigger this entity when collected


Like the other armour items, ArmorInv is 32 units wide/deep and 72 units tall. The bounding box, from the origin is as follows; '-16 -16 0', '16 16 56'. If any of these extents clip through level geometry then the item will fall out of play on map load.


If armor starts a level sat on a func_wall which is later killtargeted then the armor will not fall, but instead hang in the air as if the func_wall was still there. If you do want armor to fall off of something then use a func_door that moves horizontally next to some other geometry to 'scrape' the armor off - it will fall once there is no solid brush below it.