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r drawviewmodel

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Default value: "1"
Saved to config.cfg: no

This is a client-side variable that toggles the showing of current weapon. If set to 1 the weapon is visible, if set to 0 the weapon can not be seen.

r_drawviewmodel 1 and fov > 90[edit]

Old Quake would hide the weapon model when if the value of fov was greater than 90, no matter what r_drawviewmodel. This applies to DOS Quake, WinQuake and all official qwcl (software-rendered QuakeWorld) releases.

In GLQuake, however, the fov check was diked out, so in all official GLQuake and [QuakeWorld|glqwcl] (GL QuakeWorld) releases r_drawviewmodel 1 will display the weapon model no matter what your fov is.

In ZQuake, I decided to change the behavior of the software client to match that of GL: r_drawviewmodel 1 will always show the weapon - purely for consistency reasons. Those who want the old behavior (some TF players like it when the weapon is auto-hidden when under the concussion effect) should use r_drawviewmodel 2 - it will also work in GL.
ZQuake-based engines (FuhQuake and ezQuake) keep this functionality; QW262 uses a similar standard, but unfortunately the meaning of 1 and 2 is exactly the opposite there. -- Tonik
In FuhQuake, FTE and derivatives (perhaps others), values between 0 and 1 relate to the transparency of the viewmodel. -- Spike

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